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55 (11) 3672-5088


Solutions in video communication

Rua Horácio Vergueiro Rudge, 445
1º andar - CEP: 02512-060
Casa Verde - São Paulo – SP

Tel./Fax: 55 (11) 3672-5088


Our Video Services Center is structured in function of the variety of existing media, capable of swiftly fulfilling the market demands for advertising agencies, companies, production houses, video and filmmakers.

For our international clients we count on a complete multilingual infrastructure, which allows the required interaction in support to the most diverse types of services.

As a multidisciplinary company, VIDECOM counts on a specialized staff and appropriate equipment to deal with different formats, media, standards and systems. Check out our services:

Rental: HDV Camcorders, BETACAM, DVCAM, sets for field recordings (ENG), monitors, large video screens, directional and wireless microphones, hydraulic tripods, lighting kits, and other equipment.

Crew Services: Provision of TV/video professionals for international productions in Brazil.

VIDECOM is associated to the Brazilian Association of Equipment Rental and Audiovisual Services ABELE (“Associação Brasileira de Locadoras de Equipamentos e Serviços Audiovisuais”), which comprises companies dedicated to the rental of studios, video, movie and photographic equipment, as well as equipment for theaters and production houses.

Video translation to other languages: Translate of the original language and use subtitles, voice dubbing or voice over narration, to result in technically and culturally adapted programs for international audiences.

Systems Transcoding: Conversion of International TV standards (PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-N, and NTSC, HD and SD).

Interformat video dubbing: HDV, Beta Digital, DVD, VHS, video 8, Hi-8, DV, DVCAM, U-Matic, Betacam, Super VHS, etc.

Digitalization: Capture of video images and sound, conversion into digital files for several purposes (Internet, DVD, multimedia applications or back-up)

Duplication/Replication: Large-scale copying of DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, videos, CDs and memory cards.

Editing/Post Production: Video editing, organization, and post-production with non-linear (digital) or analogical (linear) editing systems with eventual application of effects, characters and soundtrack.

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