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Computer Graphics

Solutions in video communication

Rua Horácio Vergueiro Rudge, 445
1º andar - CEP: 02512-060
Casa Verde - São Paulo – SP

Tel./Fax: 55 (11) 3672-5088

Computer graphics / Web

VIDECOM, in partnership with 3DVISÃO, a company specialized in computer graphics, 3D and web, provides a wide range of animation solutions, which offer a more efficient and straight communication with an impacting visual treatment, as well as modern.

3D Computer Graphics

FX, animated, logos, TV shows openings and electronic sceneries are produced with organic 3D models and special effects to be part of institutional productions for our clients, for both internal and external diffusion, or on the Internet.

Computer Video / 3D Electronic Scale Models

Production of images – by using the 3D technology – of everything that is idealized in the landscaping universe, in the interior decoration, and particularly in the areas of architecture, engineering and civil construction.
Condominium, houses, squares, great events, stands and even mechanical parts, prototypes, machines or electronic “mockups”.

VIDECOM produces corporate websites in teamwork with 3DVisão. New languages are applied to our clients´ businesses in order to reach the market via Web in a safe manner, with functional and productive aesthetics.

We can develop websites with monitored and protected e-commerce or sectorial functions, equivalent to those of real companies´ departments. As a result, besides diffusing, these websites also provide registration, assessment and sales capabilities to
end-users, with reports and controls required by our clients.

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