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Walter Hugo Khouri

Throughout his life, Walter Hugo Khouri accomplished 25 feature-films, being one of the names with recognized authenticity in the Brazilian cinematography that born and died in São Paulo (October, 21, 1929/ June, 27, 2003).

A film director recognized for his notably personal style and for the dense, weird and poetical atmosphere of his films, with exemplary ambience, language and theme unity.

Khouri is the author and scriptwriter of all of his films, which have their genesis connected to the urban universe of São Paulo, city where he was born and where he produced the greater part of his work. His films have a quite different approach from the regional and rural vision of other important Brazilian cinematographers, nevertheless still having a deep social, human and existential focus on the world and the problems he addresses.

He started his career in 1952 already as a director, after taking a Philosophy course and writing reviews on the “O Estado de São Paulo” newspaper. His most important films include: “Noite Vazia”, “O Corpo Ardente”, “Eu”, “As Amorosas”, “O Anjo Da Noite”, “Paixão e Sombras”, “Eros”, “Amor Estranho Amor”, and more, which established him as a high-level creator, always loyal to his points-of-view and themes.

Characters of his films are frequently debating on the confluence between spirituality and senses, a will of sublimation and material compulsions. These individuals are involved in a mystic/erotic atmosphere and in a “search” that is the very reason of their living, composing a suffocating picture of inquietude and anxiety. Such picture might require a combined vision of his films in order to be completely figured out and absorbed with all of its poetical strength. However, such picture also emerges from each one of these characters towards spectators interested and attentive to a work in permanent evolution, intense, unique and solitaire, undoubtedly one of the most personal testimonies of the Brazilian cinematography.

Khouri commented on the film “Paixão Perdida” (Lost Passion):

"The situation to which our cinematography was reduced is in everyone’s knowledge ... The project we are presenting tried to take into account all such factors. However, the idea was to produce a film of quality, with Brazilian stars of the first magnitude, such as Antonio Fagundes and Maitê Proença among others, and with a superb finishing, in a way that the film could compete in the market on basis of equality.

In connection with the theme, we’ve followed the line defined in all our previous works, of an almost-intimate character, similar to a deepened psychological study, always trying to work with a universe limited in time, space and characters, although searching for universality and a broaden vision in treating the themes, which we always try to relate to a critical observation of the Brazilian society in its closest sectors. We always try to make accessible the ideas portrayed in each film ..."


Best Scriptwriter Award at the “FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE MAR DEL PLATA” - 1960 Film: “Na Garganta do Diabo”

“Saci” Award in 10 (ten) different occasions, in the screenplay, scriptwriter, director, producer and film editor categories. Films: “O Estranho Encontro”, “NA GARGANTA DO DIABO”, “O GIGANTE DE PEDRA”, “A ILHA”, “NOITE VAZIA”, “O CORPO ARDENTE” – between 1953 and 1960

Instituto Nacional do Cinema and Coruja de Ouro Awards – as best director, in the 1966, 1967 and 1972 editions.

Governador do Estado de São Paulo Award, in 12 (twelve) occasions, in the screenplay, scriptwriter, director and producer categories. Films: O ESTRANHO ENCONTRO, NOITE VAZIA, O CORPO ARDENTE, A ILHA, FRONTEIRAS DO INFERNO, PAIXÃO E SOMBRAS, O ÚLTIMO EXTASE, O PALÁCIO DOS ANJOS, AS AMOROSAS – from 1958 to 1977.

Vittorio de Sica Award - FESTIVAL DE SORRENTO (Italy) - 1988. Life Achievement Award. Special Mention at the FESTIVAL DE SANTA MARGHERITA LIGURE – Film: NA GARGANTA DO DIABO - 1960.

Members of the Jury Award at the FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE SITGES (Spain) - Film: O ANJO DA NOITE - 1974

APCA Award - ASSOCIAÇÃO DOS CRÍTICOS DE ARTE DE SÃO PAULO - in 3 (three) occasions. Film: O ANJO DA NOITE - 1973, O ÚLTIMO ÊXTASE - 1974, EROS - 1981

Fabio Prado de Literatura para Roteiros Award - Film: A ILHA - 1958

CIDADE DE SÃO PAULO Award, from São Paulo´s Municipality, in 9 (nine) occasions, in several categories, for several films - From 1958 to 1968

Governador do Estado Award (New Phase) - 1984 – Best screenplay - Film: AMOR VORAZ

Awarded in several National festivals (Gramado, Curitiba, Santos, Natal, Lages, etc.) - Brazil’s official representative, competing in: CANNES (1965/1970), BERLIN, SAN SEBASTIAN, TEHERAN, among others

Samburá Award at the FEST-RIO FORTALEZA - 1989 – Life achievement Award

Oscarito Award, from the FUNDAÇÃO CULTURAL BANCO DO BRASIL, granted at the FESTIVAL DE GRAMADO, August 1991, life achievement award. Bolsa de Cinema scholarship granted by FUNDAÇÃO VITAE - 1991

Awarded at the Scriptwriting Development Award from the SECRETARIA MUNICIPAL DE CULTURA - "Estranha Obsessão" - 1996

Awarded in the Scriptwriting Award from the SECRETARIA ESTADUAL DE CULTURA -1991 - BANESPA Financing Plan - 1993

"Resgate do Cinema Brasileiro" Award from the MINISTÉRIO DA CULTURA - 1994

Riofilme Award - 1995

Awarded by the Programa de Integração Cinema-TV/ Co-Production with TV Cultura - 1996


1952 - O GIGANTE DE PEDRA - Direction, Script and Edition

1957 - O ESTRANHO ENCONTRO - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1958 - FRONTEIRAS DO INFERNO - Script and Direction

1960 - NA GARGANTA DO DIABO - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1962 - A ILHA - Screenplay, Script, Direction and Production

1964 - NOITE VAZIA - Screenplay, Script, Direction and Production

1966 - O CORPO ARDENTE - Screenplay, Script, Direction and Production

1967 - AS AMOROSAS - Screenplay, Script, Direction and Production

1967 - AS CARIOCAS - 2° EPISÓDIO - - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1970 - O PALÁCIO DOS ANJOS - Screenplay, Script, Direction and Production

1972 - AS DEUSAS - Screenplay, Script, Direction and Co-production

1973 - O ÚLTIMO EXTASE - Screenplay, Script, Direction and Co-production

1974 - O ANJO DA NOITE - Screenplay, Script, Direction and Co-production

1975 - O DESEJO - Screenplay, Script, Direction and Production

1977 - PAIXÃO E SOMBRAS - Argument, Script, Direction and Production

1978 - AS FILHAS DO FOGO - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1979 - O PRISIONEIRO - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1980 - O CONVITE AO PRAZER - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1981 - EROS - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1982 - AMOR ESTRANHO AMOR - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1984 - AMOR VORAZ - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1987 - EU - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1991 - FOREVER - Screenplay, Script and Direction

1994/97 - AS FERAS - Script and Direction

1997 - PAIXÃO PERDIDA - Script and Direction

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