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Solutions in video communication

Rua Horácio Vergueiro Rudge, 445
1º andar - CEP: 02512-060
Casa Verde - São Paulo – SP

Tel./Fax: 55 (11) 3672-5088

Films / Documentaries


Political assassinations or disappearances, visual and plastic arts, how does the milk come to our table… we produce documentaries for the most diverse themes.

“Tenório Jr.?” and “Iara, Lembranças de Uma Mulher”, by Alberto Baumstein, Renato Sacerdote and Rogério Lima, narrate two victims disappearance during the political repression in South America: the musician Luiz Tenório de Almeida Jr., in Argentina, and the political militant Iara Iavelberg, in Brazil.
These works are in general non-commercial, didactic or investigative, oriented to festivals, educational broadcasters, alternative exhibition circuits and cultural events, which rely on VIDECOM´s large production experience.

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