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Films / Documentaries

The feature film “PAIXÃO PERDIDA” (Lost Passion), and of the short film “ELA PERDOA" (She Forgives) represented a new threshold for VIDECOM’s activity. From 1997 on, the company has decided to invest in the film market and documentaries production as part of the project to diversify from its audiovisual activities.

“Paixão Perdida”, starring some of the most important Brazilian actors (among others Antonio Fagundes, Maitê Proença and Mylla Christie), was the 25th and last film in the career of the outstanding director Walter Hugo Khouri.

“Ela Perdoa”, Rachel Monteiro's script and direction was awarded by the Secretary of Culture of the State of São Paulo in 1997, won also the Best Actress Prize in the 27th Gramado Brazilian and Latin Film Festival (1999).

In addition, the company has always invested in the production of documentaries that have won awards at festivals and been presented on TVs in Brazil and abroad.

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WALTER HUGO KHOURI: a Brazilian filmmaker

The career of Walter Hugo Khouri included 25 feature films and represents one of the great moments of coherence and authenticity in Brazilian Cinema. A director known for his very unique style, Khouri is famous for the strange, dense and poetic atmosphere of his movies, characterized by an exemplary unity of ambiance, language and themes. Author and scriptwriter of all his films, the genesis of his cinema is attached to the urban universe of the metropolis where he was born and has been working: São Paulo.
His is a quite different cinema from the regional and rural vision of most of the other Brazilian filmmakers, but never loosing a deep social and human concern of the world and its problems.


Web pages: Wikipédia, IMDb


- MARCELO RONDI – Antônio Fagundes
- ANNA (the boy’s mother) – Maitê Proença
- ANNA (the boy’s nanny) – Mylla Christie
- MATILDE (housekeeper) – Zezeh Barbosa
- RUTH (Marcelo’s girlfriend) – Paula Burlamaque
- MARCELINHO – (Marcelo’s son) – Fausto Carmona
- BERENICE – (Marcelo’s daughter) – Andrea Dietrich


This is a work that addresses the desire, loss and passion, the masculine affirmation in opposition to the female sensibility. A movie that penetrates the feminine universe with sensitivity.

The boy Marcelo (Fausto Carmona) leads an apparently vegetative life, absent from the world, the coming of a new nanny / nurse (Mylla Christie) starts to change his life. This creates a delicate relationship that changes with the arrival of his father's (Antônio Fagundes) who is enchanted with the girl. This generates a series of conflicts in the family that culminate in an unusual love triangle.


Concept, Script and Direction: Walter Hugo Khouri

Producers: Alberto Baumstein, Renato Sacerdote, Fábio Baumstein

Executive Producer: Sergio Martinelli

Production Director/Associated Producer: Maria Senna

Photography: Antônio Luis Mendes

Music: Ruriá Duprat, Fred Khouri

Brazilian Distribution: RIOFILME

92 minutes, 35mm (1:66), Color, Dolby Stereo

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